Pad Printing

Mystic Assembly & Decorating Co., Inc. is a full service pad printing facility. We provide services not only to the Northeastern part of the country but to the entire United States, Canada and Mexico.

Over the years, Mystic has established a reputation for excellent service, quality and dependability. Our extensive knowledge and experience in pad printing technology allows us to provide our customers with the solutions to their pad printing needs at the most advantageous price.


Pad printing is a wet process where ink is transferred to a part on either a flat, round, oval or irregular surface. First a film positive is made from the desired artwork. This film positive is then used to create a printing plate (cliché) which contains an etched image of the desired artwork. Ink is then spread into the etching and a blade or ceramic ring is used to remove all the excess ink from the plate; leaving ink only in the etched portion of the plate. A silicone pad of the correct size, shape and firmness is then used to remove the ink from the etching, allowing the ink to adhere to the silicone pad. The pad is then compressed on the part, transferring the ink with the desired image onto the part.

The advantage to pad printing is that ink can be transferred to irregular three-dimensional surfaces because the silicone pad wraps around the part adapting to its particular shape without distorting the image. There are, of course, some size and radius restrictions to this method. This process also allows for the printing of fine detail and tight multi-color registration.

Mystic has over twenty five pieces of pad printing equipment in single and multi-color configurations that operate in automatic and semi-automatic modes.


Pad printing equipment, has gone through an evolution from an old open ink well system to the more modern closed cup system. In the older open ink well systems, ink was poured into an open reservoir which subjected the ink to changes in viscosity due to the influence of heat and humidity. These changes caused the thinners in the ink to evaporate more quickly which slowed the printing process. Because the ink had to be constantly monitored and additional thinner had to be added so that the ink would transfer to the part correctly, this method was more time consuming and resulted in higher reject rates.

The latest technology consists of a sealed ink cup. In this system ink is poured into, as the name suggests, a closed sealed cup. This design prevents the ink from being subjected to the changes of heat and humidity keeping the ink at the proper viscosity and allowing for better ink transfer and less downtime, which translates to greater productivity and lower cost to the customer.

Mystic has converted all of its pad printing machines to this closed ink well technology in an effort to provide the highest quality at the lowest cost.


Ten of the twenty five systems Mystic operates are multi-color units, allowing us to print up to four colors at one time. We have several linear shuttle systems that allow us to place a part into a fixture and advance the part automatically through up to four stations transferring a separate image at each position. This system is excellent when printing multi color images with tight registration such as many company or sports team’s logos.

We also have multi-fixtured race track machines as well as turn table systems available depending on the size and complexity of the job.

Once again all this diversity allows us to choose the best method for printing your job at the best price.


We have the ability to print on almost any substrate including:

  • Plastic – Including polypropylene and polyethylene
  • Metal – Including stainless steel and powder coated aluminum
  • Glass – Including frosted and ceramic
  • Wood


We also provide in-house flame treatment of materials when needed. We use UV and solvent based inks as well as specialty inks used to print on glass, polypropylene and polyethylene parts.

We can also print on many shapes including:

  • Flat
  • Oval
  • Round
  • Concave / Convex
  • Irregular
  • Raised

We serve the following industries:

  • Cosmetic / Personal Care
  • Medical / Pharmaceutical
  • Electrical
  • Telecommunications
  • Molding & Manufacturing
  • Promotional / Advertising Specialty
Pad Printing Examples
Pad Printing Examples
Pad Printing Examples